While going through some of my old photos I ran across this photo. It's from April 24, 1981 and shows a small portion of my room.

The top shelf has a boxed Darth Vader and regular Tie Fighter along with a 12" Vader and box and three boxed puzzles. To the right of that is a stack of comics.

On shelf two there's a boxed X-Wing, boxed Landspeeder, boxed Darth Vader costume, Burger King Frisbee, SW facecloth, boxed watch and a couple of glow in the dark unlicensed lightsabers and posters behind the TV which looks like it is showing an episode of the Brady Bunch. Oh yeah, there's an orange Weeple there too.

On shelf three there's a bunch of games, a Yoda article from the local paper, a Colonial Viper model and a stack of my figure card backs and bubbles.

On the next shelf, there's the Land Of The Jawa's playset and a DV Tie Fighter model. I wish I had more of a straight on shot of the wall with the shelves. I'd like to see what else I had on them.

Don't ask me what the pink thing is on the bed. I haven't been able to figure it out.