Appendix C- Character Guide

Derek Wildstar - Wildstar was the Commander of the Yamato who shared a long time love with Nova, the Yamato's radar technician. Wildstar was a tremendous fighter who matured into a very capable leader. Derek's parents were killed by Gamilon planet bombs when Derek was very young. His brother Alex died while trying to save the Earth's Commanding General, Todo during the Dark Nebula Empire's invasion of Earth. This wavy-haired warrior was one of the first and finest Star Force members.

Nova - Nova was a radar technician and part-time medical assistant who fell in love with Derek Wildstar during the Yamato's first mission to Iscandar.

Mark Venture - Venture was the Yamato's pilot and Wildstar's best friend.

Sandor - This genius was Wildstar's Chief Executive Officer. When he was young, Sandor had a severe accident that cost him both his arms and legs. He was very close to Derek's older brother Alex. 

Dash - Responsible for gunnery and defense, Dash was Wildstar's go-to man in combat situations.

Homer - Homer was the Yamato's communications operator who was homesick at times.

Eager - Eager was Venture's assistant pilot and was also responsible for radar.

Joe Yamazaki - Yamazaki was the Yamato's chief engineer.

Orion - Son of the late Chief Engineer, Orion worked in the engine room and was a quiet individual who reported directly to Yamazaki.

Cory Conroy - Brother of the late Black Tiger squadron leader, Conroy had matured into the best pilot in the entire Earth Defense Fleet.

Doctor Sane - Doctor Sane was an excellent doctor who drank too much alcohol. His best friends were Mimi the cat and IQ-9.

IQ-9 - IQ was the genius robot whose handywork had saved the Star Force on many occasions. He always had a crush on Nova.

Todo - Todo, the Commanding General of the Earth Defense Forces,  supported the Yamato in all of its missions.

Beau - Black Tiger pilot Beau specialized in land operations.

Vance - Black Tiger pilot Vance also specialized in land operations.

Hudson Taylor - Taylor was the Captain of the new Space Cruiser Omega which had been designed by Sandor. He was considered by many to be one of the greatest military minds since the late Captain Gideon. NOTE: Hudson Taylor was a Christian missionary to China who began his mission to preach the Gospel in the middle part of the 19th century. He didn't reach China until the end of the 19th century. The Captain of this story is named after Taylor, a true man of God.

Jordy Venture - Younger brother of the Yamato's Chief Navigator.

Reemer - Reemer was Jordy's long time best friend who had a very laid-back attitude.

Comet Steel - Comet was the cook's assistant aboard the Omega.

Ollie Osgood - The Omega's Communications Officer.

Aligie Akeem - The Omega's Radar Technician.

Masters - The Omega's head cook.

Zeeman - Standing nearly six feet tall, the brown skinned Zeeman lead the Xylotian Underground Movement against the current government on the Xylotian Moon. He was a tremendous fighter who had a lot of respect for other men of war.

Reen - Reporting directly to Zeeman, Reen was a Palmatian Captain in the Underground movement.

Noian - Noian was the ruthless ruler of the Xylotian Moon.

Torkan - Torkan was the General of the huge Xylotian space armada. He was the Xylotian Empire's greatest warrior.

Captain Vorien - The captain of the Xylotian battleship fleet.

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