Bush Bashers by Chris Morin

There are people who were so angry that President Bush got re-elected that they are thinking of moving out of the United States. Quite frankly that is one of the most absurd things I have heard in quite some time.

I cannot understand the pure hatred in America for the President. He appears to be a very down to earth guy, someone who will talk with you instead of at you. Heís also a very intelligent and spiritual man who has a strong sense of family values. The people who hate George W. Bush appear to be the exact opposite of the President. Maybe thatís why they hate him so much.

Inevitably weíre going to hear the old, ďWell, heís not my President!Ē line from some of the hard line psycho Kerry supporters. Letís face it, there were a lot of people myself included, who were none too pleased with the job that Bill Clinton did as President. But in the end he was still my President. So unless youíre living in a dream world or planning to move to another country, yes George W. Bush will be your President for another four years.

And while on the topic of Bill Clinton, he had the great fortune of being in the right place at the right time during his eight years in the White House. During his two terms in office the economy grew for a few simple reasons: affordable home computers were beginning to take off, the spread of cell phones was running rampant and there was that little thing that his running mate invented called the Internet that exploded in popularity. Practically overnight people wanted to walk around with a cell phone, had to balance their record high personal debt on a computer and wanted to watch porn without having that awkward moment at the register of their local video store.

An amoeba could have been a successful President during the mid-to-late 90ís.

While some may read this and think what I am saying is blasphemous ask yourself this one question. Other than the Monica Lewinsky affair do you remember anything else from Bill Clinton Presidency?

I hear it all the time from people who are either out of work or know of someone who have been laid off blaming President Bush. Youíre right, itís the Presidentís fault that you or your friend are too lazy to get off your butt and go look for a job. Itís the Presidentís fault that you are unwilling to take a job outside of your current field. I mean come on! There are jobs out there! Itís not up to the government to find you a job.

Whereís the personal responsibility? Whereís the initiative? The American people have become so spoiled and used to getting their own way that itís become sickening.

Here are some questions to the Bush Bashers. Do you have $8,000 in personal credit card debt? (That is the American average by the way.) Do you really need a $500,000 mortgage? Are you having trouble paying your bills but feel the need to keep reproducing? Do you have a $40,000 SUV that gets three miles per gallon? Does that SUV have a ďDonít blame me, I voted for Kerry.Ē bumper sticker?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may want to stop blaming the President for your misfortunes and start looking in the mirror.

Oh and a special message to those folks opposing the wind farm in Nantucket Sound. Grow up and smell the coffee! You canít complain about Americaís dependency on foreign oil and then decide youíre too good to have a solution put in your back yard.

Now that I think about it, maybe having the Bush Bashers move out of the county is not that bad of an idea. There would certainly be less stupid people around.

Donít let the border guards kick you in the ass on the way out!