Yamato: Soldiers Of Honor

Chapter 5 - Noian Fights Back!

    The demolition fighters surrounded the Yamato. They quickly began to launch their destructive missiles. One missile was fired at the third main gun turret but it was blown apart by the pulse lasers. Pieces of the missile pelted the Yamato causing tiny dents in the hull. A Xylotian fighter flew too close to the Yamato and a laser blast from a main gun blew the Xylotian fighter apart.
    Moments later, the Yamato's counter-attack missiles were launched at the attackers. They collided with a half dozen enemy fighters and the six planes were destroyed. Two more fighters swung around the Yamato untouched and launched their missiles. One missile struck the ship near the fighter launch hatch. Another embedded itself near the crew's quarters.
    "Wildstar, the launch hatch is jammed," reported Eager. "We cannot open it to launch our Astro-Fighters!"
    The Yamato shook to the starboard side as a missile struck the ship.
    "Wildstar, main gun number two has been hit," reported Dash.
    "Venture, get us out of here," ordered Wildstar.
    Venture used evasive maneuvers as the Xylotian demolition fighters continued to attack. As the Yamato changed direction, a fighter pilot was confused by the maneuver and inadvertently slammed into another fighter. The two ships exploded in a yellow ball of gas.
    Another fighter launched its missiles too late and they missed the Yamato completely. Another fighter was the unlucky recipient of the two wayward projectiles and it was blown to bits. One pilot, trying not to get rammed by the Yamato pulled up too quickly. He missed the ship but failed to avoid a blast from the Yamato's main guns.
    "Captain, we have destroyed the enemy fighters," reported Eager.
    "Dash, cease all firing," ordered Wildstar. "Order all repair crews to the launch bay. We need to get that hatch open so that Conroy's planes can land. Venture, set a course to the Xylotian moon at full auxiliary power. We need to pick up Conroy and his squadron before they run out of fuel."
    Wildstar assessed the damage. He carefully studied his computer screen. The outline of the Yamato appeared in green and damaged areas of the ship were represented by flashing red lights. There were far too many red lights to his liking. There were two missiles embedded in the crew's quarters, another embedded in deck area around main gun number two and the most important one protruded from the bottom of the ship which jammed the launch bay hatch shut. Wildstar figured the repair crews would be able to remove the missiles but the Xylotians were not finished with the Yamato.
    Two more Demolition fighter squadrons instantly appeared around the Yamato. The ships took aim and simultaneously fired their missiles at the rear portion of the battleship. Dozens of missiles struck the Yamato and the force of the impact threw the entire crew to the floor. Fire raged throughout the ship as the devastating demolition missiles severed many fuel lines.
    The resulting attack however, dislodged the missile from the launch hatch giving Conroy's squadron a place to land. Conroy's squadron approached the Yamato and saw the opportunity to defend their ship. They began to engage the enemy by firing their lasers. The Demolition Fighters, without their deadly missiles, were no match for Conroy's fighters. One by one they were destroyed but the Yamato began to drift helplessly in space.
    On the bridge, the Executive Staff desperately tried to get control of the situation.
    "Wildstar, we are getting no response from the engines," reported Venture. "Even the auxiliary engines are dead. I have tried to open communications with the engine room but I'm getting no response." Venture tugged at the controls again. "It looks like we're stuck here."
    "Dash, assemble the emergency staff at once," ordered Wildstar. "We need to know what's going on down there!"
    "I have a fix on the landing party again," interrupted Homer. "IQ-9 is also sending an encrypted message. It reads: 'We have found the Xylotian hangars and warp mechanisms. We are not alone. Stand by for further details.' That's all."
    "Homer, keep your eye on the landing party," ordered Wildstar. "If you lose them again, I need to know as soon as possible."

    The emergency staff searched the bowels of the ship desperately looking for survivors. Dash, knowing quite well that Orion may have been seriously injured, led a special rescue team to the engine room. The team arrived at the engine room entrance only to find that it has been blocked with debris. The team quickly began to remove the debris from the door. After a few moments, they exposed a large suspension beam that was blocking their path.
    A member of the team cut through the beam and it clanged to the floor. Dash opened the engine room door and noticed that nearly everyone had been killed. He caught a glimpse of Orion lying on the floor and rushed over to him. Dash quickly checked Orion's pulse. It was faint and erratic, but it was there.
    "Let's get this man to Doctor Sane as soon as possible!"
    Dash pulled out his communicator and activated it.
    "Captain, there are not many survivors down here. Fortunately Orion was one of the lucky ones. He's alive but in bad shape. He has been taken to Doctor Sane. The emergency fire extinguishers took care of the fire but there's a lot of damage to the engines. I'll have the repair crews assess the damage and I will report back shortly."
    "Let me know what you find," replied Wildstar.
    Dash turned off his communicator and looked helplessly at damage in the huge room.
    Later on the bridge, Wildstar's communicator began to sound. The Captain pressed the receive button and Dash's voice was heard over the speaker. His voice did not sound reassuring.
    "Captain Wildstar, I have good news and bad news. First the bad news. We don't have the spare parts necessary to complete the repair work to the main engines."
    "That's not good enough," yelled Wildstar. "I want it done! I want every mechanic you have down there at once! I want it fixed as soon as possible!"
    "It's not that simple Captain," answered Dash. "What we need is a Takion Absorber. Ours is completely destroyed. Without a Takion Absorber, the main engines are useless."
    "Can we make one?" asked Wildstar.
    "I don't think so Sir," answered Dash. "The experts on Takion particles are Sandor, Yamazaki and IQ-9. They may be able to come up with something but they're down on that moon."
    "So what's the good news?" asked Wildstar.
    "The repair crews report that the auxiliaries will be repaired in twelve hours," replied Dash.
    "See to it Dash," replied Wildstar. "On the double!"
    "Wildstar, we have to get out of here," said Venture. "If we take another attack like that last one, we might as well kiss this mission good-bye."
    "I know Venture," replied Wildstar. "We're sitting ducks until we can get the engines repaired."

    At Xylotian headquarters, Commander Noian was planning his next attack on the Star Force. He sat staring at a computer screen which displayed a visual of the motionless Yamato. A large smile formed across his face.
    "So the Yamato is drifting! Our attack was costly but it seemed to have been successful. Those fools think they can deal with me? Just wait until they see what I have planned for them next. Lieutenant, get me General Torkan. I want to speak with him at once! It is time that we end the Yamato's existance."
    Moments later General Torkan, Xylotia's greatest General and the commander of the Xylotian Armada, appeared on Noian's video screen. Torkan had conquered many planets and had killed millions of people during his military career. He was a ruthless killer whom Noian adored as a leader.
    "Commander Noian, what gives me the pleasure of speaking with you on this fine day?" asked Torkan.
    "General, I want you to return to home base immediately. There have been some startling developments. An enemy force from another galaxy came through the void! We have their ship crippled but I would like you to return with the Armada to finish her off."
    Torkan eyes opened wide. "Did I hear you correctly Commander Noian?"
    "Yes General..." answered Noian "...they came through the storm and the void. We now have the information that we have been waiting for; a passageway into another galaxy!"
    "Our operations here are complete Commander," answered Torkan. "We will return at once!"
    Noian smiled as the General's face disappeared from the screen.
    "Lieutenant, prepare every fighter we have to launch. The Yamato will die and I will be the one to kill it! After that, we move on to the planet Earth!"

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