Yamato: Soldiers Of Honor

Chapter 8 - The Attack

    General Torkan's fleet consisted of eight battleships, ten destroyers, thirty submarines and a flagship. The Xylotian ships began to fire its missiles and lasers at the Yamato and Omega. But on the bridge of the Omega, Captain Taylor ordered Jordy to move the ship. The Omega and the Yamato were far too close together and they made an easy a target for the enemy fleet. The Omega's engines began to roar and the battleship started to move away from the Yamato.
    "Venture, evasive action," ordered Taylor. "Comet, fire all guns! Get me Captain Wildstar at once!"
    Two laser blasts hit the Omega and the ship shook to its starboard side but the damage was minor. Seconds later, Wildstar appeared on the Omega's video screen.
    "Captain Wildstar, what is the situation aboard the Yamato?" Taylor asked.
    "Damage so far is minimal but I'm concerned about your young crew," replied Wildstar. "Are they ready for combat?"
    "They are more than ready Captain," answered Taylor. "What is our plan?"
    "We count nearly fifty ships," responded Wildstar. "I will launch the Black Tigers and will have them concentrate their attack on the submarines."
    "Okay Captain," agreed Taylor. "But we must hit their ships fast and hard. I'll have the Omega target their battleships. It will take them by complete surprise. If we wipe them out right away, that will greatly reduce their firepower. In the meantime, focus the Yamato's main gun fire at the destroyers."
    "Agreed," answered Wildstar.
    Taylor terminated the conversation and began to ready his crew for the attack on the Xylotian battleships.

   As the Astro Fighters launched from the Yamato and made their way to the enemy submarine group, the bridge crew prepared to attack the destroyers. Wildstar ordered Dash to fire all guns at the fleet of destroyers. The Yamato's guns opened fire and the laser blasts flew through space. As contact was made, an enemy destroyer was obliterated and the destroyer fleet broke formation.
    "I have a destroyer comin' in real fast," reported Eager. "Distance, three hundred!"
    "Fire torpedoes," ordered Wildstar.
    Two torpedoes launched from the Yamato's front torpedo tubes. One slammed into the starboard side of the incoming destroyer and the other into the port side. The destroyer exploded.
    Wildstar ordered Dash to fire the shock cannons. The shots exploded from the Yamato's gun turrets and pierced an enemy destroyer. A huge explosion erupted as its engines were obliterated by the laser blasts. More torpedoes were fired from the Yamato. Four destroyers were in the path of the lethal weapons and they exploded on contact. The remaining destroyers, confused by the attack, regrouped and fired their guns at the Yamato. The Yamato took a direct hit and another blast slammed into her side.
    "Main gun number two has taken a hit," reported Dash. "The port side just took a hit! A direct hit on the starboard side!"
    Wildstar ordered Dash to keep firing the Yamato's shock cannons. The guns fired again and the destroyers were hit with an incredible barrage of laser blasts. One destroyer was cut in half and was sent careening into another ship. They both exploded in amazing flash of light. Another destroyer was simultaneously hit in the bridge and the engine room. It exploded into a huge fire ball. The quick work of the Yamato had eliminated the fleet of destroyers.
    "Venture, what is the status of our engines?" Wildstar asked.
    "I just got a report from the engine room that Orion's down there working on the problem," answered Venture.
    "What's Orion doing out of bed?" Wildstar asked.
    "He said he was feeling better," replied Venture.
    Wildstar activated his communication unit. "Engine room, what's going on down there?"
    "Captain," replied Orion. "I have an idea that may get us moving again but it's going to take a while."
    "Orion, you're supposed to be in bed! That's Doctor Sane's orders," replied Wildstar.
    "Captain, let me do what I have to do down here," pleaded Orion. "If we don't get these engines working soon, it won't matter if I stayed in bed or not!"
    Wildstar had no choice but to agree with the young engineer. Without its engines, the Yamato was a sitting duck.

    On the bridge of the flagship of the Xylotian Armada, General Torkan planned the destruction of the Yamato and the Omega. He was a long time veteran of war and believed he was invincible. Captain Vorien, Torkan's second in command, raced to his General's side.
    "General Torkan, the Yamato was able to eliminate our destroyers but it is badly damaged," reported Vorien. "The other space ship has moved away from the Yamato and scanners have picked up a squadron of enemy planes headed toward our submarines!"
    "It won't matter," answered Torkan. "We have enough fire power in the Armada to destroy two hundred ships! Concentrate the attack on the crippled vessel and launch missiles at the fighter planes!"

    Conroy's Black Tigers began their attack on the enemy's submarines. Conroy fired two missiles and they destroyed its target. Conroy launched two more missiles and they hit an enemy submarine head on destroying it instantly. Conroy failed to notice that the submarines had deck guns. He knew right away that he had made a fatal mistake. Conroy's ship was locked into the sub's targeting computer but before it could fire, another Astro Fighter swooped down and destroyed the deck guns.
    After regaining his composure, Conroy regrouped and commenced Attack Sequence Delta. Conroy launched two more of his missiles. Another Astro Fighter, who trailed Conroy, also fired two of its missiles. Two more submarines were blown to bits. A shot flew safely past Conroy but the trailing Astro Fighter was not as lucky. It exploded into a thousand pieces.
    Conroy looked at his radar screen and noticed that a submarine was heading straight toward the Yamato. Conroy did a one hundred eighty degree loop and fired his lasers. The shots hit a Xylotian missile just as it was fired and both the missile and the submarine exploded. The explosion also destroyed a nearby disabled sub.
    The remaining Xylotian submarines fired a wave of their missiles. Explosions all around the Astro Fighters cut their forces in half. The subs then aimed their missiles at the Yamato and fired them at the motionless space cruiser. The old Earth battleship's wounds began to mount as the missiles slammed into the Yamato.
    Conroy spun his fighter around and rejoined his fighter squadron as they headed for the remaining submarines. The Astro Fighter pilots launched their remaining missiles and moments later space was filled with multiple explosions as the Xylotian submarines were reduced to rubble. After reporting their success, Conroy and his squadron were ordered back to the Yamato to re-fuel.

    In order for the two Earth ships to have any chance at surviving the Xylotian attack, Captain Taylor knew he had to be successful in destroying the Xylotian battleships. The Omega moved into position for their attack and the crew prepared to fire at the Xylotian ships. But the enemy battleships had already readied their guns and the Xylotians fired their weapons. The shots struck the Omega with brutal force. Those not strapped into their chairs were sent falling to the floor.
    "Captain Taylor, we've taken heavy damage," reported Reemer.
    "Venture keep her on course," ordered Taylor.
    Three more shots hit the Omega and flames began to spread throughout the ship. As fire crews struggled to put out the flames, another explosion erupted as more shots hit the Omega.
    "Shock cannons are ready to fire," reported Comet.
    "Comet, fire the guns," ordered Reemer.
    The mighty shock cannons of the Omega fired but one gun missed its target. About ten meters in front of a battleship, the other shot came to a halt and a circle of blue fog surrounded the Xylotian ship. The vessel exploded in a brilliant blue light show. But the Xylotians fired back and more laser blasts hit the Omega.
    "Captain, we can't take much more of this," said Reemer. "We're badly damaged."
    The Omega's shock cannons fired again. Three more battleships were obliterated in the blue laser fog. A blast from a Xylotian battleship struck the Omega's number three shock cannon and another blast took out gun number two. But the Omega's last shock cannon fired again and another battleship exploded. The remaining three battleships continued to unload on the Omega. A laser blast slammed into the bridge and Captain Taylor was thrown to the floor. As the battle continued, Reemer rushed to help his Captain.
    "Captain, are you all right?" Reemer asked his fallen Captain.
    Another laser blast hit the bridge and Reemer was sent flying across the room. He landed hard on the floor.
    "Reemer!" Jordy screamed as he ran from his station to help his injured friend. Jordy checked for life signs, got a pulse and noticed that Reemer was still breathing.
    "Reemer's alive! Akeem, go check on the Captain," ordered Jordy. "Comet, order the gunners to keep firing!"
    Aligie Akeem went over and checked on Captain Taylor.
    "Jordy, the Captain's alive but he's badly injured," reported Akeem. "We need to get him medical attention right away!"
    "Order the medics to get up here on the double! Osgood, get me Captain Wildstar on the screen at once," ordered Jordy.

    On the Yamato, the Astro Fighters were being refueled and their munitions were being reloaded. The repair work could not be started as the battle was still under way. Only the three battleships and the flagship remained in the Xylotian fleet but it was more than enough fire power to destroy the Yamato. The ship was badly damaged its engines were still down.
    On the bridge, Homer's communication equipment received a message from the Omega and Wildstar ordered it to be placed on the bridge's large video screen. An image of a battle weary Jordy Venture appeared on the screen. Mark Venture was surprised by the image of his brother who should have been back on Earth.
    "Captain Wildstar, this is Chief Navigator Jordy Venture. Captain Taylor and Deputy Captain Reemer have been seriously injured and have been taken to the infirmary. We have destroyed five battleships but we fear that the remaining three will wipe us out within the hour."
    "Jordy, what are you doing there?" Mark Venture asked. "Get out of there, while you still have a chance!"
    "Jordy, I am ordering you to take command of the Omega," interrupted Wildstar. "I want you to fire every weapon you have at the Xylotian battleships! The Yamato will fire at the same time and hopefully it will be enough to neutralize the Xylotian attack."
    "I understand Captain. We'll do our best," said Jordy as he wiped the blood from a small cut on his chin. Jordy then looked at Mark apologetically. "It was good to see you big brother." Jordy disappeared from the screen.
    "Jordy, Jordy! No!" Mark screamed as tears began to run down his cheek.
    "Jordy's a good navigator," said Wildstar as he tried to console his friend. "He'll be all right."
    "Hey, that's my little brother out there!" Mark yelled as he failed to listen to reason.
    Wildstar yelled back. "But screaming and acting like this won't help! Get yourself under control or I'll remove you from the bridge! Dash, target the enemy battleships, fire main guns and fire all missiles!"
    The Yamato's guns and missiles fired at the same time as the Omega's. The remaining Xylotian battleships buckled from the pressure of the attack and were blasted into oblivion.

    On the flagship of the Xylotian Armada, Vorien reluctantly reported to Torkan that the entire Armada had been wiped out. Torkan was emotionless but was not defeated. He still had an ace up his sleeve and the Earthlings would pay for ruining his spotless career.
    "Is the Hyper-Rado Cannon ready to fire?" Torkan asked his second in command.
    "Yes General," answered Vorien.
    Torkan rose from his chair. "We'll save the helpless Yamato for later. Until then, target and destroy that other Earth ship!"
    The mammoth gun on the Xylotian flagship pointed in the direction of the Omega. It lit up and the laser blast exploded from the weapon and went sailing into space.

    The shot nailed the Omega. The explosion sent Jordy, Akeem, Osgood and Comet sprawling to the floor.
    "What hit us?" Jordy asked as he was flat on his back.
    Comet was the first to get to his feet and back to his chair. "I'll find out." Comet began to look at his computer. "Whatever it was damaged us pretty bad. We might not survive another hit like that last one. Port side is greatly damaged. There are hull breaches throughout the ship!"
    Jordy caught his breath, got to his feet and made it back to his station. "Let's get out of here quick! Akeem, compute an escape route!"
    There was no answer. Jordy turned and saw Akeem lying face down on the floor. A steel pole rested on top of him. Comet and Jordy rushed over to Akeem and removed the pole but it was too late. The pole had struck the back of the young man's head. His skull was crushed and his neck had been broken.
    Tears began to swell in Jordy's eyes as he walked back to his station.

    Aboard the Xylotian flagship, General Torkan was thrilled with the might of his Hyper-Rado Cannon. He stood gazing out of his bridge's view port as smoke bellowed from the Omega.
    "General Torkan, we have calculated that it will only take one more shot from the Hyper-Rado Cannon to destroy that Earth vessel," said Vorien.
    "Prepare to fire again..." said Torkan "...and get me the Yamato at once! I want them to witness their future."
    Wildstar's face appeared on the Xylotian video screen.
    "Yamato, I am General Torkan, leader of all Xylotian space forces! You and your other puny space battleship have fought well. But as always, the mighty Xylotian Empire wins in the end. I want to give you a little demonstration. Watch carefully as this pathetic and weak space battleship gets blown into the cosmos."
    "General Torkan, it was your Empire that started this conflict," said Wildstar as he tried to bargain with Torkan. "We are in this galaxy as a result of an accident. All we want is to return to our own galaxy."
    "It is far too late for that Captain," replied Torkan. "We do not bargain with inferior life forms. We destroy them. Fire the Hyper-Rado Cannon!"
    The gigantic gun fired once again. The blast continued through space toward the Omega. There was a massive explosion and as the smoke cleared, the Omega was gone.

    "No! Jordy! Jordy!" Mark Venture screamed aboard the bridge of the Yamato. "I will kill you! You son of a bitch!"
    "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha," laughed Torkan on the Yamato's video screen. "Now, it is your turn!"
    The crew watched helplessly as the Xylotian flagship changed course and pointed the immense Hyper-Rado Cannon at the Yamato.
    "Wildstar," interrupted Homer. "Orion is reporting from the engine room." Homer pressed a button and Orion's voice echoed throughout the bridge.
    "This is Orion. Auxiliaries are operational. Repeat, auxiliary engines are operational."
    "Venture, get us out of here!" Wildstar ordered.
    The Hyper-Rado Cannon fired again. The beam approached the Yamato but barely missed as the ship moved out of the way. Torkan was amused at the Yamato's willingness to live.
    "So Yamato, you fight on! It is useless! My cannon will get you eventually!"
    "Wildstar, you better think of something quick," said Venture as he continued evasive maneuvers. "We won't be able to escape on auxiliary power!"

    Torkan could taste victory. The flagship's bridge was full of his laughter as the Hyper-Rado Cannon fired again. The blast struck the Yamato causing extensive damage. But before the gun could be fired again a large explosion rocked the Xylotian flagship. Moments later, the ship's power went out.
    "What is going on?" Torkan asked.
    "General, a space battleship has hit our radar blind spot and has fired its guns into our engines," answered Vorien. "General, we're helpless!"

    Moments later, Jordy Venture appeared on the Yamato's video screen.
    "Sorry we had to leave for a while," said Jordy. "We did a small space warp so that we could repair our main guns. She's all yours Captain Wildstar!"
   "Gunners, your target is the bridge of the Xylotian flagship," ordered Wildstar. "Fire!"
    The huge guns of the Yamato fired and the laser blasts slammed into the Xylotian flagship. The bridge of Torkan's vessel was incinerated as the flagship broke in two. The rear portion exploded as the front of the flagship broke into a million pieces.
    The battle was over.

Chapter 9, Chris' Corner