Reign Of Terror by Chris Morin

Chapter 1 - "Your number's up!"

    It was dinner time at the Holmes Grove Penetentiary. Two teenagers, Speed and Ike Crenshaw, were about to have their dinner. Since they attacked another boy and broke both of his legs, they had been eating their meals privately, away from the other inmates. The two boys sat at a small table facing each other as a guard watched. It was their ritual at every meal to compare plastic forks. There was always a number on the back of every fork and the one with the highest number on their fork wins.
    "What number do you got Speedy my boy?"
    "87. What do you got Ike-man?"
    "92! Kicked your ass again freak-boy! That's 5 times in a row!"
    "Not a chance scum-wad! I won Wednesday's breakfast!"
    "Bullshit Ike, I won that one!"
    "Not a rats chance in hell dink-weed!"
    A voice screamed from across the white room.
    "Hey you two, settle down and finish your vegetables or I'm going to have to come over there and whack your skulls together!"
    The two boys continued.
    "You know I won breakfast on Wednesday and if you don't admit it, I'm gonna take this fork and jam my number 87 right in your throat!"
    "You even get out of your chair Slowstuff and you're gonna pay big time!"
    The boys both got out of their chairs and within seconds, the guard had made his way over to their table. In an instant, the boys snapped their plastic forks and turned toward the guard. The sharp edges of their forks hit squarely on the guard's jugular. The white room immediately turned red with blood.
    The boys had killed the guard.
    "Get him down Speed!"
    "I got the keys Ike. Let's go!"
    The boys had timed their escape perfectly. They knew exactly when security would be watching the video cameras and exactly when the smallest guard would have private dinner duty. Within moments, the boys were on the loose inside the hospital.
    "C'mon Speedy hurry your ass! The laundry truck will be leaving shortly!"
    The boys had made their way to the east stair well. They quietly and swiftly rushed down the stairs. Suddenly, there were footsteps from down below. The boys came to a complete halt. The footsteps were climbing towards them. Ike pulled out the guard's club.
    "Let's go Speed. If we have to, we're going right through them. We got a truck to catch."
    The boys continued down the stairs. All of a sudden, they heard a door open so they stopped once again. About ten seconds later the sound of a door closing echoed throughout the stair well and the footsteps were gone. They both took a deep breath and continued descending the stairs. They finally reached the bottom of the stairs. Ike pulled out the guard's keys and unlocked the door to the loading dock.
    "I knew that guard would come in handy. Too bad he was such a pain in the neck."
    Ike opened the door and the boys noticed their targets: bags of dirty laundry on the loading dock. The laundry truck made regular stops but at that time of night, they just did pickups. The boys timed everything precisely as the people working on the dock had gone home for the night. Ike helped his younger brother into a laundry sack and shortly thereafter, he opened another bag and climbed inside with not a moment to spare as the dock doors opened.
    The driver of the truck, a plump gentlemen in his forties, climbed out of the back of the truck onto the loading dock. He had what remained of a  jelly donut in his left hand and his truck's keys in his right. He put the keys into his right front pocket of his Dickies and stuffed what was left of his donut into his mouth. He quickly got  to work tossing laundry bags into the back of his truck.He failed to take notice of the fact that two of the bags were extremely heavy.
    After loading the truck, the driver pushed the dock door close button and climbed into the back of the truck. As he made his way towards the cab of the truck, he heard some rustling and quickly jumped around. He heard the dock door slam shut behind him. The driver smiled the jitters away and sat down at the wheel. He sat back, started up the truck and headed toward the gate. He had to sign out. The security check point officer already had his form ready to sign. He handed the driver a clipboard and the form and noticed that the driver looked a little winded.
    "You don't look too good tonight Johnny. Lots of bags?"
    "No, I just gotta lay off those jelly donuts."
    The driver signed the log sheet.
    "I got a schedule to keep. See you tomorrow Lou."
     The driver pulled away from the checkpoint.

    The truck continued down the road and Johnny the driver brought the truck to a halt at a stop light. He heared rustling from the back of the truck. He looked back and saw nothing of value. He then looked back up at the stop light.
    "C'mon, c'mon, I gotta get home early tonight."
    More rustling could be heard from the back of the truck. The driver looked back just in time to notice two pairs of hands. They hauled him into the back of the truck.

    Five minutes after the laundry truck passed the hospital's front gate, a siren sounded at Holmes Grove. The boys were gone.

    The Crenshaw brothers were put in Holmes Grove Penetentiary three years prior to their escape after brutally killing their mother and father. The boys claimed that their parents were sexually molesting them from the day they were born.
    Not knowing how to handle the situation, they felt the only way to regain their purity was to sacrifice their parents to God. When the police finally arrived at the murder scene, pieces of Peg and Gene Crenshaw were strewn throughout the house.
    The boys were found mentally unstable and were sent to Holmes Grove Penetentiary for an undetermined amount of time. At ages 18 and 15, Speed and Ike decided it was time to go home.
     This is the story of Speed and Ike Crenshaw and their reign of terror.