Reign Of Terror by Chris Morin

Chapter2 - Excess Baggage

   "They're right behind us Ike! Get a move on!"
    The laundry truck in which the boys had escaped in was speeding down the highway. Ike was driving and Speed had decided to be the backseat driver in the passenger seat. A clunking sound could be heard from the back of the truck.
    "I'm driving as fast as I can! What the hell is that sound back there?"
    "I'm not sure Ike. I'll go check it out."
    Speed climbed in the back. Seconds later, Speed found the answer.
    "It's the dead truckdriver. With all the turns you've been taking, he's being bounced around back there like a ping pong ball. He's not looking too good."
    "He's dead you idiot! Of course he'd not looking too good."
    The truck swerved sharply to the right and Speed and the dead truck driver were thrown against one of the sides of the truck. Speed was knocked to the floor.
    "Hey! Watch it!"
    "Hang on back there! There's a little traffic ahead."
    The boys had decided that the backroads were the way to escape but it did not take long for the police to put a trace on the laundry truck. Pretty soon, the boys were being chased down the major interstate with the cops in hot pursuit.
    "It's a good thing they filled this puppy with gas!"
    Speed announced more bad news from the back of the truck.
    "There's four of them back there now Ike!"
    Ike grabbed the wheel and jerked it to the left to avoid another car. They luckily avoided the car but the other motorist was scared by the speeding truck and swerved out of the way. The car collided with one of the pursuing police cars.
    "That takes care of one of those freaks!"
    "Damn traffic, where are these people coming from? It' not rush hour!"
    Another three police cars joined the chase.
    "We've got more company!!"
    Ike furiously drove in and out of traffic as a voice announced from a loudspeaker, "This is the police, stop or we will be forced to open fire on your vehicle!"
    Speed had an idea. He quickly unwrapped the dead laundry truck driver and opened one of the back doors. He held the lifeless corpse and stood it up in front of him.
    "We have a hostage! You come any closer and the driver is a dead man!"
    He slammed the door shut before the cops could get a closer look at the lifeless body.
    "You think they bought it Ike?"
    Ike looked out his side mirror as the cruisers began to back away.

    The lead cruiser received a call over his police radio.
    "These boys do not take hostages. Repeat, these boys do not take hostages. Continue your pursuit!"
    The cruisers began to accelerate.

    Speed noticed the gap closing a little tighter.
    "Ike, they didn't fall for it!"
    "Can't you make a diversion or something back there?"
    Speed looked around the back of the laundry truck.
    "I think I can handle that!"
    Speed opened the doors on the back of the laundry truck.
    "Slow down a bit Ike!"
    Speed grabbed a big bag of laundry and threw it out of the back of the truck onto the highway. A police car swerved to miss the bag and slammed into another cruiser sending it out of control. It slammed into a guardrail. Speed picked up another bag and threw it onto the windshield of another cruiser blinding the driver. The policeman frantically tried to pull over without causing too much trouble. The other officers, not knowing what the crazed maniac would throw next, backed their cruisers away from the speeding truck.
    "Unless you want to take off your clothes, we are gonna run out of laundry real soon Ike!"
    "Get rid of everything you can back there!"
    Speed looked down at the last remaining item in the truck - the dead truck driver.
    "Well, he said he wanted a diversion."
    Speed pushed the dead driver out of the truck and onto the highway. The body hit the pavement with the sound of cracking bones. Cruisers frantically tried to get out of the way as the body rolled down the highway. One cruiser ran over the body sending its driver lunging forward missing the windshield by an inch.

    An unmarked car had finally caught up with the pursuing cruisers. It's driver, Captain Morgan, had a very important passenger sitting to his immediate right. The Dark Haired Man, in his early fifties and in tremendous condition, stared at the fleeing truck.
    "Get us close Captain. I don't want that truck out of our sight."
    "You were right about the hostage."
    "Unfortunately." The Dark Haired Man somberly replied.

    Meanwhile the boys' plight continued to worsen as Speed noticed the unmarked car.
    "Better get a move on Ike. Guess who's joined in the chase."
    Speed finally made his way to the cab of the truck and buckled his seat belt.
    "Don't worry, I know what I'm doing. When's the last time you went swimming Speedy?"
    Ike knew that they needed to get away and get away quick.
    "The longer this chase goes, the less chance of escape we have. They'll soon have the whole state after us!"
    "I thought you said you had everything under control Ike!"
    "Relax wussy-boy, I've got everything figured out!"
    "I'm heading for the Aikmen Bridge!"
    "Are you crazy Ike? They'll trap us on that thing!"
    "When this truck stops, get your ass on the roof. We're going for a swim!"
    Knowing that the alternative meant being shot at and probably killed, the boys knew that this could be their last chance. Police cruisers had now blocked the opposite end of the bridge.
    "Okay! Here we go! Hang on!"
    Ike slowed the truck down and crashed into the side of the bridge. The boys were jostled but were still ready for more action.
    "Let's go Speed!"
    The boys unbuckled their belts and opened the truck's doors. The police cars finally caught up to the boys but the kids had climbed up on top of the truck.
    "Remember Speedy: feet first, hold your nose, close your eyes and cover your balls!"
    The cops were out of their cars with their weapons drawn.
    "Stop or we'll shoot!"
    The boys smiled at the cops as they jumped over the bridge's railing splashing into the raging river below.

    The Dark Haired Man walked over to the railing and looked down at the water rushing below. He could only shake his head in disbelief.