Reign Of Terror

Chapter 3 - "Cat got your tongue?"

    The Dark Haired Man and Captain Morgan walked into the Medical Examiner's Room.The Medical Examiner was working on a body which had been ripped open on the table. Captain Morgan recognized the doctor.
    "This is Medical Examiner Martin."
    The Dark Haired Man leaned out his hand.
    "Doctor, I am Inspector Ray Troutman. What do you have for me?"
    "Pleased to meet you sir."
    The doctor released the Inspector's hand and looked down at the cadaver.
    "We have an interesting case here Inspector. The fall from the truck and the subsequent trauma from the impact of the vehicle did not kill this man."
    The Examiner opened the dead truck driver's jaw.
    "Take a look for yourself Inspector. What do you see?"
    The Dark Haired Man looked down the throat of the deceased diced driver. A concerned grimace grew into a growl on the Inspector's face. The Examiner noticed the man's dismay.
    "The body of the truck driver has had his tongue removed. That is how he died."
    The inspector was not surprised. He lightly mumbled under his breath.
    "These kids are getting worse."
    Captain Morgan noticed Troutman's unease.
    "Inspector, these are just teenagers. We'll get these kids soon enough."
    "These are not your average teenagers Captain. The longer these 'kids' are on the loose, Mister Martin is going to find himself a lot busier as time goes by. You'll be seeing more of this carnage I can guarantee you that Captain.These boys have only just started to have fun."
    The Dark Haired Man walked toward the exit of the room. He never looked back to the medical examiner to say goodbye.
    "Good day Mister Martin."
    The door slammed shut.