Reign Of Terror by Chris Morin

Chapter 5 - Ax and you shall receive.

    Ike knew he needed to act fast. The remains of the nursing home woman would soon be identified and the car's license plate number would be sent to every cruiser in the area. Ike decided to take an unscheduled left off of the main road. The change in direction awakened Speed who had been fast asleep in the passenger seat.
    "Where are we going Ike?"
    "We're taking a little detour. We're going to pay a visit to Troutman's house."
    "What do you mean we are going to Troutman's house?"
    "We have to Speed. There is no other way. We have to get Troutman before he gets us. Troutman would never expect a visitor in his own home, let alone us. That's what makes this so perfect. We'll kill Troutman, get to the cabin and dump the car."
    The boys parked the car in an alley a couple of blocks from Troutman's house. Being late at night, the boys went unnoticed as they made their way to Troutman's home. They found the Inspector's back yard and Speed saw an ax used for chopping wood sticking out of a log. He picked it up.
    "This might be useful."
    The boys entered the house through an unlocked window. Ike surveyed the kitchen and found a knife block on the counter. He pulled out the big chef's knife. Speed, still wielding the ax,  had found the living room. He noticed a familiar face in a picture on the mantle of the fireplace.
    "Hey Ike, look at this. It's Mom."
    Ike walked over to the living room, knife in hand.
    "What's he doing with a picture of mom?"
    The boys were interrupted by the sound of a car pulling in the driveway.
    "Quick, get behind me Speedy. We'll surprise him when he gets in."
    The boys waited behind the front door. A car door slammed and then keys were heard jingling. A key entered the front door lock and the lock was opened. The doorknob turned and the door opened. Troutman walked directly into the house but did not close the front door.
    The boys didn't make a sound as they descended on their pray. Ike stayed behind and stood in front of the open doorway as Speed swung the ax at Troutman. Having very little time to respond to the situation, Troutman pulled out his gun and tried to jump out of the way. Unfortunately, the ax embeded into his left thigh. Troutman reeled in pain and the gun fell underneath the couch. Ike looked on in complete joy. Troutman grabbed the ax but Speed kicked him in the head and the ax fell to the floor. Speed picked up the ax and again brought it to bear on the Inspector.
    "Kill him Speed! Do it now!"
 Speed just stood there. He stared at the wound on Troutman's leg and a vision of his dead mother flashed before him; a kind and gentle woman pleading for Speed to stop.
    "Speed, kill him," yelled Ike.
    Speed just stared at Troutman as another vision of his mother flashed before his eyes. She was in her bed begging for mercy as her son was killing her. Another vision of the prison guard appeared. His eyes were in total disbelief as the plastic fork jammed into his neck. The truck driver appeared next. His face full of surprise as the boys emerged from the laundry bags in the back of his truck.
    "Speed," yelled Ike once again.
    The boys failed to notice that Captain Morgan had been in the car with Troutman. He was waiting for Troutman to return with a report he had left in his house. When Morgan heard the yelling, he got out of the car and ran toward the house. He pulled out his walkie talkie, his link to the search crew out looking for the Crenshaw brothers, and depressed its button.
    "This is Captain Morgan. I need backup at 1131 Evergreen Road ASAP. Suspects are here and an officer is down. I repeat an officer is down."
    Morgan reached for his gun, but realized he had left it in the car. Not wanting to waste any more time, he grabbed a push broom that was leaning against the house. He came up from behind Ike and hit him in the head with the broom handle. Ike fell to the floor.
    Speed sensed Troutman's goodness but knew it was too late to turn back. But Speed's delay was enough for Troutman to kick Speed in the chest knocking the ax out of his hand and sending the boy tumbling to the floor.
    Troutman did a forwad roll and grabbed the ax. As he got to his feet, he spun around with the ax just as Speed recovered long enough to put his head up to see what was happening. The ax sliced cleanly through Speed's neck. Blood sprayed across the room as Ike recovered in time to see the carnage.
     "SPEED! My God! What have you done to him!"
    Troutman collapsed as his leg gave out and blood poured from the wound. Troutman dropped the ax and took off his coat and tied it around his leg to help stop the bleeding.
    Ike tried to get to his feet but Captain Morgan wound up for another swing with the broom handle.
    Ike had other plans.
    "Morgan, don't!"
    Troutman's warning was too late. The Captain was cut down before he could make another swing. The knife Morgan failed to notice hidden underneath Ike pierced Morgan's heart. Ike got to his feet and slowly walked over to his brother. He picked up Speed's head and placed it near the rest of his body. He looked up at Troutman with eyes full of rage and fury.
    "And now Troutman, you will pay for all you have done to my family!"
    Troutman knew he was in big trouble. It was a very bad gash on his thigh and he was losing a lot of blood at an alarming rate. If not for the fact that Speed was a little small for his age, he may have lost his whole leg. He was beginning to feel a little dizzy. Ike had him at a terrible disadvantage.
    "Oh yes, I will have fun destroying you, Inspector."
    Troutman grabbed the ax and threw it with all of his might at Ike. It hit the boy in the arm. Blood flowed freely out of the wound as Ike was knocked to the floor. After a moment of recovery, Ike pulled the ax out of his arm and got to his feet. Sirens could be heard in the distance.
    "Can I ax you a question Troutman? Heh heh. Do you mind if we continue this some other time?"
    Tired and out of breath Ike ran out of the house.
    "This ain't over Troutman."
    Troutman's vision turned black.