Reign Of Terror - by Chris Morin

Chapter 8 - The End or the Beginning?

A figure watched a tv set.
    "Weeks of fear have gripped and rocked this calm community which for years has been struggling with the brutal deaths of Peg and Gene Crenshaw. But now,  the Crenshaw Brother's Reign of Terror has finally come to an end. We are here at the old Crenshaw cabin where Inspector Ray Troutman has finally put an end to the boys' bloody rampage. Inspector, do you have anything to say to this community?"
    "This town has been rocked by this horrible case of abuse and murder. There are many victims here, myself included. But ultimately, an entire family is gone. A family which was supposed to be about love, caring and togetherness was exchanged for pain, suffering and unspeakable abuse. The whole thing sickens me. I hope we can all put this situation behind us and as a community move on with our lives."
    The figure watched the program and began to laugh uncontrollably.

Weeks Later

    Ray Troutman stood in front of Peg Crenshaw's grave site. His hands were closed tightly in trench coat pockets as a crisp cool wind blew through his hair. He bent to one knee at the grave.
    "I'm sorry Peg. I tried to save them. I tried to save you too. I'm so sorry. I miss you. I miss you more every day."
    He looked up with eyes filled with tears to the overcast sky above.
    "Now you are all together where nobody can hurt you."
    Out of the corner of his eye, a scurry in the distance turned Troutman's head around. A rustling from the opposite direction spun his head the other way. Something was out there.
    Or someone.