Enough Already by Chris Morin

    Ok, enough already. I have been watching and reading the news lately and everywhere I turn I see and hear these crybaby wives and relatives of our great men and women of the Armed Services complain that their loved ones are in the Middle East and won't be coming home any time soon.
    Get over it!
    These people, who are defending your freedom each and every day, signed up for this war when they took their oath to serve their country. These brave people are doing their job. You don't see my wife on the news every night complaining about what I do for a living.
    Before you start telling me that you have it rough because your significant other isn't home mowing your lawn or changing your snot infested evil spawn children's diapers think of this, you knew what you were getting into when you married this person!
    And don't even start trashing the President. He's doing a fine job, the most stressful in the world I may add, and I'm sure it's as difficult for him to hear about another lost soldier in Iraq as it is for any of us. Maybe you should take some lessons from him. Maybe you should put your time and energy into supporting our troops instead of filling our newspapers and airwaves with useless drivel.
    Quit complaining, it's not accomplishing anything.

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