The Nightmare Series Part 4

The Monster by Chris Morin

    The monster was chasing me down the dark alleyway. Its mouth was dripping blood in large, loud drops, like red hail banging on a car's hood. Its badly deformed head hung from its shoulder like a woman's purse. Its hands were not hands at all but paws; something you might find on a large black bear creeping in the Pacific Northwest.
    He will get you!
    But the monster didn't appear to be running. No, it was gliding; floating effortlessly off of the ground. How can I get away?
    You can't!
    I got to the end of the alley and turned to the right. I was now in a long corridor in what looked like an abandoned hospital. Only it wasn't a hospital. It was an abandoned school; one of the many I went to as a child. I looked over my shoulder confused as to where I was and there was the monster, a little closer this time and very angry. Its mouth beginning to expose nasty, gruesome teeth.
    Don't stop! He will get you!
    I ran faster down the corridor dodging old trash cans filled with body parts and old lunch boxes scattered throughout the floor. I know this school! I remember this place!
    NO! Get out!
    I ran through a set of double doors and down a stairwell. At the bottom, I pushed open another set of doors and was now in an old department store, in what looked like the toy section. I stopped to look at one of the toys. It was a Star Wars figure.
    Move! He is almost here!
    The monster was only five feet from me now. I saw its head as it began to move. It was slowly moving up its shoulder to where it should be. I also noticed that the deformed creature was beginning to take form. Almost recognizable.
    He will get you!
    I put the toy down and looked away from the monster. I was now in my home, in my bedroom standing at the foot of my bed. Was I safe? The dread in my heart told me otherwise.
    Too late!
    I felt the paw as it grabbed my shoulder and spun me around. I saw what I have always been afraid of.
    I saw the monster.
    It was me.

About The Monster

    I love monster dreams. They seem a lot nicer than the other ones I have. I wish they could make really good monster dream movies. You know ones that just scare the bajeebers out of you.
    What if the monster in your dreams, the one that always chases you night in and night out, was actually you? What if everything you have always tried to escape from every night in your nightmares was yourself? Could you escape? Or would the monster finally get you?

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