Space Battleship Omega: Circle of Death

by Chris Morin

Chapter 7

    At Earth Defense Headquarters, Commander Todo was sitting at his desk studying a data pad containing the technical readouts of his defense forces. The numbers were not encouraging. Productivity was way down and the ships in the defense fleet containing human crews were running at half staff. Before he could get too dismayed he looked up to find General Stone standing at the front of his desk.
    "Commander, the Space Battleship Omega has not reported in."
    "Are we tracking her on long range sensors?" Todo asked.
    "Our Pluto base has been tracking her since she left the Solar System," answered Stone. "But they have lost track of the Galman fleet and deep space scans have come up empty. Commander, there are rumors running rampant throughout the Pluto Base of a possible space battle between the Omega and the Galmans."
    "Is there any proof of this battle?" Todo asked.
    "No Commander," answered Stone.
    The Commander motioned for Stone to close the door to his office and to take a seat. The General swiftly followed his superior's directions.
    "I have been going over the status of our Earth defenses and what I have been reading is alarming," Todo said. "Our fleets are being totally overhauled, the Yamato is on a mission and the Omega's crew could be dead within a week. If the Galmans attack now, we wouldn't put up much of a fight."
    "Shall I convene an emergency session of the Earth Defense Organization Board of Directors?" Stone asked.
    "Let's not get ahead of ourselves," answered the Commanding General. "Let's speak with Emperor Desslok. Maybe he will have some answers."
    Todo activated his personal video communications equipment and spun his chair toward the large window in his office that overlooked Tokyo. The window turned all black and within seconds, General Plimkin's face replaced the booming metropolis.
    "Commander Todo, how dare you contact the Galman Empire!"
    The Commander was startled by the comment and knew right away that something was seriously wrong.
    "May I please speak with Emperor Desslok?" Todo asked. "I have an urgent matter to discuss with him."
    "My name is Plimkin. I am new the Galman Emperor."
    "May I ask what has happened to Emperor Desslok?" Todo asked.
    "Do you think I am a fool?" Plimkin responded. "You know what has happened to Desslok! You ordered his assassination!"
    Commander Todo was at a loss for words. Knowing quite well that his next sentence could lead to an all out war, Todo decided to play it safe.
    "We are deeply sorry for your loss but there must be some mistake. The Earth and the Galman Empire are at peace. We would never break the cease fire with the Galman people."
    "If that is true Commander," Plimkin responded, "then perhaps you can explain why your Space Battleship Omega has attacked and destroyed our unarmed fleet sent to its location on a mission of mercy!"
    "The Earth Defense Organization is unaware of these events but lets work together to keep this situation from getting any worse," answered Todo.
    "We do not want your help!" Plimkin said boldly. "We want revenge!"
    Plimkin's face disappeared from the computer screen. The blackness of the screen dissolved and the view of Japan's capital returned to the window.
    "General Stone, I think it is about time we convene that meeting. Get me the President immediately."

    After being briefed on the latest developments, the President of the Earth Defense Organization convened a virtual holographic meeting of the world's leaders. The Governors from London, Paris, Boston and Los Angeles as well as Commanding General Todo appeared as holographic images in a small room inside the President's main office in Tokyo. The President began the meeting as the others watched and listened from their remote locations.
    "I am sorry to bring you all together on such short notice but a situation has arisen that needs our immediate attention. Gentlemen, I have requested you all here today to discuss the future of the planet Earth - a future that could involve war with the planet Galman. You all know our military readiness, our fleet status and our current strengths and weaknesses. I am looking to you for direction, for options and for optimism. I open the floor to comments."
    The holographic images began to stir and chat amongst themselves.
    "Maybe the Galmans want to attack us while we are at our weakest," said the short, plump man from Paris.
    "Could this be a trick mister President?" The Governor from Boston asked. "Could the Galmans have taken over the Omega? Could they be leading its infected crew to Earth to release the Bollar virus into the atmosphere?"
    "I think that is something we should consider," answered the President. "Anything is possible at this point."
    This comment sent the conversation into a downward spiral. Shouts were heard from all points of the globe. People yelled at each other or at no one in particular. Some just yelled for the sake of yelling.
    "We should have destroyed Desslok years ago when we had the chance!"
    "We should prepare our forces at once!"
    "We should let diplomacy run its course!"
    "We should strike first!"
    "We should ready for war!"
    The President had heard enough. He touched a button on his podium and a loud alert was heard at each man's location. The electronic gavel swiftly brought the debate to a close.
    "General Todo, we need to communicate with the Omega and find out what has happened," said the President. "Do you have any suggestions?"
    "Mister President, we have a small group of ships at our base on the planet Pluto," answered Todo. "They can be reassigned at any moment."
    "Mobilize those forces at once and intercept the Space Battleship Omega," ordered the President. "Gentlemen, we all know that the Earth has been through some terrible disasters over the last hundred years. I know that you are all doing your best to feed your people and to rebuild the basic infrastructure of your cities. But we need to prepare for the worst. We need to prepare for war."