A big shout out to Tim Eldred for being so nice as to create a scene for me for Circle Of Death. Now if I can just convince him to do the rest of the story for me... This is the first draft of the art. It shows General Plimkin hovering over a gravely wounded Emperor Desslok. I think Tim captured the scene perfectly.

Here is a look at the next draft. To be honest Desslok does not appear to be in too much danger in this image. Plimkin looks insane but this image isn't exactly what I was looking for. I really wanted the climax of the story to be captured just before it reaches the boiling point.

Here's a look at the revised artwork that Tim used for coloring.

Here is the final draft. The image differs slightly from the story but his interpretation is awesome. Please check out Tim's awesome work on Rebirth at starblazers.com.

Here is a sketch Tim sent me after I sent him some books.

Here is the icon Tim used for the Making Of section of his web comic.