Space Battleship Omega: Circle of Death

by Chris Morin

Epilogue: Four Months Later

    Once back in power, Desslok's first order of business was to restore honor and dignity to the throne of Galman. He hunted down and assassinated every Circle member listed on the data disk given to him by General Shoru. With the help of General Talan, he dissolved the Assembly and had returned the planet to a dictatorship.

    The peace was restored between the Earth and the Galman Empire. They later agreed to an historic exchange of scientific knowledge in hopes of keeping both planets as technically advanced as the other. The new program would be called the Fragile Peace Exchange.

    The crew of the Space Battleship Omega was committed to space and the ship towed back to Earth. It was being completely repaired in the hope of one day serving the Earth Defense Organization.

    After spending nearly a month in a coma at the Veterans Memorial Hospital in Tokyo, Captain Hudson Taylor regained consciousness. He remained hospitalized to complete physical therapy. Other than losing a considerable amount of weight, the Captain would have no long lasting effects from the Bollar Virus.
    The Captain's room contained a large bed with a table next to it and a small bathroom in the opposite corner. On top of the table was a vase with large red sweet smelling flowers. The flowers were sent by the Earth Defense Organization as a get well gift. On the other end of the room was a large window that overlooked Tokyo.
    The Captain was sitting up in his bed. Sitting in a chair alongside the bed was Reemer. He had been with the Captain for about ten minutes but Taylor knew that there was personal business to take care of before the conversation could continue. Rumors had been running rampant around Earth Defense about Reemer getting a promotion. The Captain wanted to verify these rumors first hand.
    "Reemer, I understand you have been offered your own command."
    The comment took Reemer by surprise. "Uh, yes Sir."
    Taylor got out of his bed and walked over to the room's window. It was a beautiful day as the sun poked through a puffy white cloud. He smiled as he watched a spacecraft take off in the distance and doubted he would ever see action in outer space again.
    "Captain of the Lowell." Taylor said. "It's a good ship Reemer."
    After towing the Omega back to Earth, Captain Roarke put in for retirement. At sixty years old, he felt that he had seen enough action in outer space. He personally recommended Reemer for the position of Captain of the Lowell, despite what had happened during the mission.
    "I said no to the Commander's offer, Captain." Reemer replied.
    Taylor looked away from Tokyo and right at Reemer. A little smile appeared on the Captain's face. "I was hoping you'd say that."
    Taylor sat down at the edge of the bed. The smile disappeared from his face and he looked down at the floor in disgrace. His sorrow over the last mission ran deep. It was a scar that would never properly heal.
    "I feel personally responsible for the loss of our entire crew," said Taylor. "I feel that something needed to be done so I have decided to resign as Captain of the Omega. I want you to be her new Captain. You belong there. It is your home."
    Reemer was both shocked and honored. He had worked hard to earn the Captain's trust and respect but as honored as he was, he was also somewhat angry.
    "No offense Captain but I didn't risk my life or my career so that you can waste the rest of yours. Besides, I told the Commander that I would only work on the Omega and only under your command. If you decide to resign then that means I have to quit and I am too young to be unemployed."
    Reemer smiled at his Captain.
    Taylor was impressed with Reemer's maturity and his frankness. He would be a fine Captain and a great leader.
    "Okay Reemer, you win. Now get back to work. Our ship needs you."
    Reemer stood and saluted. "Likewise Captain."
    The door to the Captain's room opened as Reemer approached it.
    "I never thanked you for saving my life." Taylor said as Reemer was about to leave.
    Reemer smiled, "Yes you have sir. You've given me the honor of serving with you again."
    Taylor watched Reemer with admiration as he left the room. He would have to fight his guilt, his pain and his remorse alone but he was proud to have such a great first officer and a good friend.

    Since Jordy's return to Earth, he had been given a clean bill of health and had been working as a temporary instructor at the Earth Defense Organization Academy. He decided to see how Captain Taylor was doing so he dropped by the hospital. As he walked up the long hallway towards Captain Taylor's room he saw Reemer walking towards him. The two friends had seen very little of each other since their last mission and had barely spoken.
    "How are you Reemer?" Jordy politely asked.
    Reemer sensed a little bitterness. Reemer brushed it aside the best he could and tried to be friendly.
    "I have been busy overseeing the repair work on the Omega." Reemer replied. "She'll be shipshape before you know it. How ya feelin' pal?"
    Jordy appeared nervous and never made eye contact with his friend. They both felt the distance between them. It was odd and uncomfortable considering how long they had been friends.
    "I'm okay. Just came in to visit the Captain."
    "Great!" Reemer said enthusiastically. "Hey, with the Captain in the hospital I have neglected the new crew's training schedule. I could sure use your help with that."
    Jordy looked down at the floor. "I'm not coming back Reemer."
    Reemer was stunned. He stood gaping at his friend.
    "I was on my way to tell the Captain." Jordy continued. "I put in and got a permanent transfer. I'll be working at the Academy full time as a Navigational Instructor."
    "You can't do that!" Reemer argued. "I joined Earth Defense because of you! We're a team!"
    Jordy shook his head. "You didn't seem to remember that when you punched me out and left me behind on the hospital transport!" Jordy face turned red with anger. "I thought we were friends. But in the end, I was just another junior officer."
    "I'm sorry Jordy." Reemer responded. "I made a choice at the time that I thought was right."
    "And now I've made a choice that feels right. Take care of yourself Reemer."
    Not wanting to fight with his friend, Reemer stood aside and let Jordy pass. Disappointed and hurt, Reemer looked back at Jordy.
    "Hey, if I hear you're not doin' a good job I am going to come back here and kick your butt in Astro Ball no matter what part of the galaxy I'm in!"
    Jordy never looked back at Reemer.
    The two men went their separate ways. Both feeling as though they had just lost their best friend.

    - The End.