Surinam by Chris Morin

Day 3

8:15 am

    Reports on television began to leak the possibility of a government cover-up. But the FBI and the CIA were standing behind their claim of a terrorist attack. All foreign governments denied any involvement in the accident claiming staggering death toll numbers in their own countries. Initial estimates suggested at least 2 million deaths in the US and tens of millions worldwide.
    Fear of a further outbreak and jammed roads kept non-essential workers at home and as a result the world economy began to take a nosedive. The Stock Market crashed and trading was later suspended indefinitely. Fear, looting and death quickly spread across the world.

3:13 pm

    Reports of the first deaths from the disease are reported. Fear for my wife's life continued to grow.

5:01 pm

    First reports of people not being able to see their sick loved ones. Town halls are overrun with people. The government decided to set up camps where the sick can be taken. Transportation of the sick into these containment camps would begin on the morning of day four.

7:11 pm

    I was still on the fence as to what to do with my wife. She appeared to be better but she also continued to look bloated. She drank water by the gallon and was able to speak but gained weight at an extraordinary rate. She started to show signs of strange bumps on her back.

Day 4