Surinam by Chris Morin

Day 5

9:02 am

    I was watching the Today show when something almost surreal happened. The picture went fuzzy and a young man appeared on the screen. He had blood running down the side of his face and was clearly upset. He took a deep breath and stared straight into the camera.
    "Ladies and Gentlemen, the United States Government has been lying to you. What happened earlier this week was no terrorist attack. It was an attack by an alien race that the government is trying to cover up. The aliens are creating a breed that is a cross between a Surinam toad and a human. A Surinam toad is a native of South America, is generally about a half a foot long and has peculiar nesting instincts. The female actually carries her eggs on her back and when the eggs hatch, the young appear to come right out of the toad! We believe the aliens have been abducting people for years; attempting to cross breed them with these Surinam toads. It looks like they have succeeded. The aliens abduct a human female and inject the victim with genetically altered Surinam eggs. Once the eggs are injected, the two DNA's combine and the eggs begin to grow. A female human can carry about a dozen eggs at a time and it takes only seven days for the eggs to hatch. When the babies are born, they ooze out of the backs of the females. The young are cannibalistic killers and they devour their mother so that the human population doesn't have a chance to recover. The babies then grow at an alarming rate and believe me, the older they get the grumpier they become. These creatures are quickly spreading throughout the country. If we don't act fast the United States, not to mention the entire human race, will be wiped out!"
    Then there was some commotion and the young man looked away. Seconds later there were gunshots and the "We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties" screen was displayed. I thought I was imagining the whole situation and decided to change the channel. ABC had a "Please Stand By" screen, CBS had a CBS banner displayed and FOX had nothing but a blank screen.
    I then looked over at my wife.
    The lumps on her back were bigger and we still moving.
    Oh my God, what if what that young man had been saying was true?

9:15 pm

    A group of people had hacked into the major television networks and announced to the world that we were being invaded by aliens. The networks frantically tried to do damage control but despite their best efforts, it was too late. The hysteria had begun. The country, already devastated days earlier was now filled with even more fear and confusion.
    For me? Well, I had a feeling that things weren't as they seemed. I began to believe that young man and was faced with the worst choice of my life. What do I do about my wife?

Day 6