Surinam by Chris Morin

Day 7

12:01 am

    I ran to my wife and pulled the blanket off of her. Sure enough the seven little freaks had hatched. I picked up a spatula and used it as a fly swatter to knock them all off of my wife before they started to munch on her. I then grabbed her by the arm and carried her over my shoulder. I raced to the secret room and opened the door. The hybrid aliens were in hot pursuit. There wasn't time to be gentle. I threw her inside of the room and slammed the door shut as one of those things bit down on my shoe.
    I had my steel toe work boots on and the little alien screamed in pain as I heard its teeth shatter. I grabbed it by the throat with one hand and twisted its head with the other. One down six more to go.
    I needed some protection so I ran to the living room and picked up my sword. I unsheathed it and grabbed the top of the plastic trash can with my other hand. I had my sword and shield but would it be enough? Before I could go anywhere I heard one of them from behind. Then I felt the pain.
    One of those monsters was biting my right leg. I swung at it with my sword and decapitated it but the damage had been done. I was bleeding heavily from the bite. I took one of the bath towels and tied it around my leg to try to stop the bleeding but it was then that I noticed another alien at the other end of the room.
    I quickly reached for the cover of the trash can as it jumped at me. I heard it bang its head against the cover then fall to the floor. I picked up my sword and stabbed it through the chest. Smelly ooze trickled out of it as it died at my feet. I looked at it for a brief second and noticed that it had grown considerably since it hatched. It was at least a foot long. Not a good sign. It meant that the remaining creatures were also growing and if I didn't get them soon, they'll easily get me.
    I decided to go room by room. My plan was that every room I entered, I would pull completely apart. When I was done with the room I would close the door and seal it off. I started with the den. I walked into the room and turned on the light. As I did, another one jumped at me. I put up my shield as quickly as I could but I only dazed the alien. It fell to the ground and turned around. It opened its jaw at me and bared its teeth as if he were smiling at me. It was then that another one bit me from behind.
    I grimaced in pain as it bit me on my left side. Then it jumped at me. I was able to get the sword up in time and bat him away slicing him in two but the other guy was still gnawing on my side. It felt like his teeth were going deeper and deeper. If he pierced an organ I'd be done for!
    I dropped my sword and grabbed the thing by the waist. I squeezed it as hard as I could and it quit biting me but turned on my hand. I barely moved my hand out of the way in time. The thing dropped to the floor and then showed its teeth at me again. I gave it a big kick and the creature went sailing across the room and smacked really hard against the wall. It was disoriented. I didn't think I had time to find the sword so I limped over to the alien and jumped on it as hard as I could. It exploded from my weight and pieces of its carcass flew everywhere.
    I then heard a rumble coming from the upstairs bedroom. Oh no! Those things must have found my cat!
    I was bleeding from my side but it wasn't as bad as my leg. I knew that there were two of those killers somewhere inside the house and judging by what I'd already seen, the bigger they got the smarter they became. I grabbed one of the larger towels and tied it around my waist to help with the bleeding and then reached down for my sword.
    From the commotion I could tell that there was something ugly going on in the bedroom. I started to walk up the stairs but stopped halfway. One of those monsters was sitting at the top of the stairs with my cat's leg hanging out of its mouth! It swallowed the leg in one gulp, turned, smiled and then lunged at me. I got the trash can cover up as fast as I could to deflect the monster but it sank its teeth into the lid. The creature tried to free itself but it couldn't. It was stuck to the lid. I ran downstairs as it struggled to get itself free and placed the creature and the lid on the kitchen table. I lifted the sword and then sliced the alien in half.
    I had no idea if my wife was alive or dead but there was one more of those things left in the house. The one I had just killed was about two feet in length. The last one was going to be a big, angry problem.
    And it was.
    I heard a noise and turned around. The bastard jumped at me and knocked me to the floor. I was able to get my arms up and stop it from tearing off my face by holding it by its mid-section but it opened its mouth and hit me in the face with its tongue.
The blow to the face had blurred my vision and I needed to regroup so I threw the creature but it landed on the floor and then immediately jumped back at me.
    I dove out of the way as it jumped past my head and landed safely on the other side of the room. I knew that this had to end soon or I wouldn't survive. I was getting really tired and weak while the remaining killer was growing rapidly and getting stronger. I decided there was only one thing left to do.
    My leg throbbed and I didn't think I'd be able to stand so I inched my way over to the stove and propped myself up. It looked at me and licked its fanged infested lips. I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Come on you little festering snot! Make your move!"
    The alien launched itself at me. I fell to the floor, opened the oven door and the monster sailed right inside. I closed the oven door and then turned it on to bake at four hundred seventy-five degrees.
    I waited.

2:32 am

    Smoke poured out of the stove and the stench was the worst I had ever encountered. The creature fought the entire way, slamming itself into the oven door. But I didn't move. I kept my back pinned to the over door so it couldn't escape. I didn't move until I knew it was dead.

3:32 am

    I went to check on my wife. I didn't know if she survived the birth but I was hopeful. I opened the door to the secret room and she was lying in a fetal position. I checked for a pulse. It was strong! She also appeared to breathing normally. I leaned over and picked her up. She reeked of methane. I took her to the bathroom and gave her a bath. After cleaning out her wounds and bandaging her up I put her to bed and then tended to my own wounds.

11:45 am

    After cleaning the entire house I took a shower and then a small nap. I woke up and noticed that the television was on. Reports of strange creatures attacking people all over the world...

Day 365

    The world is a far different place than it was before Day 1. Man is no longer on top of the food chain. The world's population has been cut in half and the species known as Suri-Man has spread throughout the world. Some of the poorer nations without the ways and means to defend themselves have been decimated while others like the United States have fought back.
    My wife's physical scars are beginning to fade but her emotional ones will never heal. As for me, scars have healed but I'll never look at life the same way again. I keep my windows and doors closed and locked. I limit my time outdoors and if I do happen to wander out I make sure I am heavily armed.
    There hasn't been a day like the one a year ago. I'm not sure if the aliens decided that one mass-abduction was going to be enough to wipe out the entire human race. Frankly, I don't care. I'm just happy to be alive and to be able to share life with someone I truly love even though she occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night screaming.