The Adventures Of Shrink-Wrap Man by Chris Morin

    Late one night two young workers were busy stocking shelves at an office supply store. Unbeknownst to them, a natural gas line had sprung a leak. When a  warehouse worker lit a match to smoke a cigarette, the store exploded. The two men, both wearing red smocks, survived the blast but were transformed into the world's first Office Supply Super Heroes. This is the true story of the adventures of the continuing voyages of the amazing and the incredible heroic death defying Shrink-Wrap Man and Bubble-Wrap Boy!
    It was a Friday night; the workweek had come to an end and the full moon shone bright in the sky. The signal blared on the dashboard of the Supply Truck - the vehicle for Pencil-Vania's crime fighting duo. The passenger looked at the alarm in horror.
    "Look Shrink-Wrap Man, an alarm is going off at Stap-..."
    "Don't mention that name Bubble-Wrap Boy," interrupted Shrink-Wrap Man. "We would have to pay the office supply superstore royalties and right now we can't afford it! There's not much money in crime fighting you know."
    "Right boss," answered B-WB. "How could I be so foolish?"
    "Don't worry old chum," answered the elder crime fighter. "But we must hurry to Stape- I mean the office supply superstore. This town cannot be deprived of office supplies!"
    The Supply Truck hurried along at its top speed of forty-five miles per hour. Bubble-Wrap Boy, amazed that eighty year old ladies driving Geo Metros were passing them like they were standing still, could just scratch his bubbles in wonder.
    "You know boss, we must work at getting a faster vehicle! We're never going to get there in time!"
    "What's the matter Bubbles, don't you like our energy efficient electric Supply Truck?"
    "Granted it does save us money in gas," replied B-WB. "But what good is it if we are always late to catch the bad guys?"
    "Call it saving the environment. Call it job security. Either one will do," replied Shrink-Wrap. "Somehow I don't think we will be late this time."
    Ninety minutes later, the duo finally arrived at the store. After neatly parking in one of the non handicapped spots, S-WM and B-WB noticed a man in Dickies surrounded by a handful of helpers loading stolen goods into a van.
    "Hey you office supply outlaws," yelled Shrink-Wrap Man. "Stop that despicable display at once."
    The dubious Dickie draped degenerate turned toward our heroes and pulled out his loaded tape guns.
    "Now, why would we do that my old friend?"
    Shrink-Wrap Man looked carefully at this strange individual, puzzled with the familiarity of this man.
    "You don't remember me do you Shrink-Wrap Man? I remember you and I know who you really are. You weren't the only ones in that building that night."
    "What do you mean?" asked S-WM. "What kind of nonsense is this?"
    "I am Wicked Warehouse Man and I was in the store the night it exploded! I hold you two responsible for what I have become. It was you who damaged that gas line with that two wheel hand truck I let you borrow to restock the shelves that night. Now I will have my revenge!"
    "Stop right there Wicked," ordered S-WM. "Put the office supplies down and put your hands in the air!"
    The evil Wicked looked at the duo. "Every day I wish that explosion had taken my life. I am cursed to have to wear these Dickies forever. The explosion has forever fused these ghastly garments to my body. Do you know how chafed I have become? I have been cursed with an affliction that will haunt your entire existence. I have been chosen to be your life-long nemesis! Erasers, take care of Shrink-Wrap Man and Bubble-Wrap Boy!"
    Just then WWM's henchmen, who were hiding behind bags of packing peanuts, emerged and shot Shrink-Wrap Man with their powerful Glue Stick Guns. The crime fighter fell to the ground and was stuck in a pile of the convenient adhesive. Unable to move, Pencil-Vania's most tardy super hero was defenseless as the evil Erasers advanced on Bubble-Wrap Boy. B-WB filled a dozen of his bubbles with methane straight from his buttocks, and popped the bubbles with his hands. But the Erasers came prepared. Each quickly donned gas masks and then shot their Staple Guns at B-WB. The staples imbedded into Bubbles, deflating his right side. Lopsided from his unevenness, Bubble-Wrap Boy fell to the curb. Three erases then tied B-WB's hands with large rubber bands as Shrink-Wrap Man watched in horror.
    "Leave him alone you Mega-Store Maniacs," screamed Shrink-Wrap Man. "You'll never get away with this!"
    Shrink-Wrap Man got an arm free and started firing his Shrink-Wrap gun. He hit two of the Erasers wrapping them up easily.
    Wicked Warehouse Man could see the tide turning. He knew that if Shrink could get his second arm free he would be stuck in a real mess.
    "Erasers, leave Shrinkie," ordered Wicked. "Throw his bubbly friend in the van."
    The evil Wicked Warehouse Man smiled at the hapless helpless hero. "Oh don't worry Shrink-Wrap Man. We won't bust a single bubble on his head. All you need to guarantee you chum's future is to bring me one million dollars. You have twenty-four hours. I will call you tomorrow night with the instructions on how we'll make the exchange. If you fail to bring me the money, your friend will be baked alive in my new human sized shrink-wrap oven. Think of it Wrappy, your best friend dying in an oven named after you. How ironic is that?"
    With that, the Erasers threw B-WB into the back of their van and slammed the door. Wicked Warehouse Man climbed into the van and the evildoers drove away, leaving Shrink-Wrap Man only one day to save his friend. But hope was still alive. Bubble-Wrap Boy had activated his homing beacon as a small trail of whiteout leaked from the van. Shrink-Wrap Man could now follow the trail to Office Maximus - Wicked Warehouse Man's evil hideout.

To Be Continued...

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