The Trial Of Mike Peters by Chris Morin

I can just see it now...

A reporter standing outside a courtroom:

"I am reporting live from the Pavilion Steps in Downtown America where the trial of Mike Peters is about to begin. I'll tell ya, it just don't get any better than this. Though not up for murder, Peters is being accused of being the deceiver for using The Alarm name without permission from the other three former members of the band. Thousands of fans have come from all over the hardland to see this trial."

"Security is really tight; the courthouse has been equipped with metal detectors to help keep it from becoming an unsafe building and sixty-eight policemen are here with sixty-eight guns to try and keep this legal matter from getting out of control."

"You can really feel the tension in the air; thick enough to cut it with a knife edge. Peters will need all the strength of his family and fans to help him through this difficult time. Will Mike become the working class hero or will he say that they, "Sold me down the river?"

Commercial break.

This trial is being brought to you by Chevy - The Rock.

"We're back and with me now is James who says that he's in the majority of people who are against Peters in this trial; why's that?"

"Well, I have a million reasons really, but I'll just share reason 36 and reason 41."

"Hate to break you off James but I've just been told that Mike Peters' motorcade is coming down the road towards the courthouse."

"While we watch Mike arrive, I can tell you that I spoke to the other three former members of The Alarm and what did they tell me? They said that Mike calling himself The Alarm without all four original members was like desecrating hallowed ground. Twist was very angry saying, 'I've reached the breaking point. This is war! What kind of hell is going on here? He's not using The Alarm name come hell or high water.'"

Commercial break.

Brought to you by McDonald's and their new Chicken McNuggets - Change is good!

"We're back and let's go to the courtroom where Mike Peters is about to take the stand."

"Sir, is it your declaration that you've done nothing wrong?"

"Your honor, all I wanted was to get The Alarm back into the system. I wanted to bring The Alarm into the 21st century. The other members of the band don't want to do it as they have a new home, new life. I feel like I'm in a prison without prison bars. I mean, I own The Alarm catalog but can't go marching on with my new band."

"Since you own the catalog, feel free to do what you want with it. All is forgiven, case dismissed."

Commercial break.

Brought to you by the new movie by Mel Gibson, Levi's and Bibles.

"Well we're back, and Mike is leaving the courtroom in a blaze of glory with his hands held high. As a reporter and a music fan there are moments in time like this that make me glad to be alive."

"So what's the message in all of this? Life can be beautiful sometimes, love don't come easy but in the end we all have our rivers to cross."

White noise.

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