Space Cruiser Yamato: End Of An Empire

by Chris Morin

Chapter 1 - Rescue!

    It was the year 2210 and the Earth was once again at peace. The Space Cruiser Yamato and its crew the Star Force had been sent on a long journey to explore the outer regions of the Milky Way Galaxy to search for new sources of energy. But before their investigation of their first planet was to begin, an event occurred that would change the course of history forever.
    "Captain Wildstar, we're picking up a ship on the radar." The radar technician reported. "It's a Galman vessel!"
    The Captain of the Yamato, Derek Wildstar, was in no mood for surprises. The first planet of interest in the mission, a mission that had not been going well, was about to be explored for the first time. The last thing he wanted was another distraction or set back.
    By the second decade of the twenty-third century, the Earth and its surrounding planets were depleted of their natural resources. The Yamato was sent to scour the nearby galaxies for a solution. The Earth Defense Commander wanted the best team possible for the job so he had lured Wildstar and his wife Nova out of retirement to re-assemble the Yamato's crew.
    "Put it on the video panel Eager, maximum clarity." Wildstar ordered.
    The radar technician pressed a few buttons on his computer and the whole ceiling of the Yamato's main bridge was filled with an image of a spaceship. It was leaking fuel and gasses. After studying the situation for a few moments, Wildstar's eyes grew wide with horror.
    "That looks like Desslok's flagship!" Sandor said from across the bridge. "It looks like it's been in a great battle."
    Emperor Desslok, supreme ruler of the Galman Empire, was once Earth's most feared and hated enemy. His Galman Empire had driven the Earth to near extinction. But after seeing the error of his ways, Desslok had sworn loyalty to Earth, the Yamato and more importantly, Derek Wildstar and the Star Force.
    "We're picking up two life forms." Nova reported. "One's very faint."
    "Sandor, you have command." Wildstar ordered. "Venture, bring the ship to a stop. Nova, get the medical crew ready. Reemer, you're with me."
    After taking off in the Cosmo Hound, the Yamato's main excursion vehicle, Wildstar and his Deputy Captain Reemer landed successfully on the Galman flagship. They passed corridors upon corridors of dead soldiers. Some were Galman. Some were not.
    "Captain Wildstar, what happened here?" Reemer asked.
    Deputy Captain Reemer was the Deputy Commanding officer of the Earth Defense Command Battleship Omega. He had been recruited by the Earth's Commanding General Todo to temporarily join the crew of the Yamato on its very important journey. Reemer jumped at the chance to serve under Captain Wildstar.
    "I don't know what happened." Wildstar answered. "One thing's for sure, it was one hell of a fight."
    The scaly brown creatures were a cross between an octopus and a human. They each had two legs but had as many as six tentacle-like arms with suction cups on the ends. Their heads were very wide with large black eyes, two small slits for a nose and one small slit for a toothless mouth. Reemer saw that they wore no clothes and looked liked they fought with the Galmans at a very close range.
    One of these creatures was seen with one of its tentacles wrapped around a Galman soldier's neck. It had been squeezing the life out of the soldier as its prey shot its gun into the attacker's mid-section. A yellow ooze dripped from the large wound.
    "I have never seen creatures like these before." Reemer said as he curiously studied one of the dead aliens.
    "Neither have I." Wildstar said. "Whatever they are, they don't look friendly. Keep your eyes open and be careful. We're almost at the bridge and the survivors may not be in the mood for company."
    Wildstar and Reemer rounded a bend in the corridor and came upon the entrance to the bridge of the Galman flagship. The door's lock had been blown away and the entrance had been sealed shut.
    "Stand back Reemer." Wildstar ordered. "This may be messy."
    Wildstar aimed his laser rifle at the door and fired. The blast cut a hole big enough to enter the bridge. Smoke filled the corridor as the two soldiers cautiously made their way towards the makeshift entrance.
    Reemer was about to enter the hole when Wildstar grabbed his arm. Reemer looked at his Captain and Wildstar shook his head. Reemer then watched as Wildstar bent down and picked up a Galman soldier's helmet. He placed it on the end of his rifle and positioned it in front of the hole. A laser blast rang out and the helmet was obliterated. Reemer exhaled in relief.
    "I am Captain Wildstar of the Space Cruiser Yamato! I come in peace! Lay down your weapons!"
    A familiar voice replied. "Captain Wildstar?"
    Wildstar ran through the opening. "General Talan! Is that you? Are you okay?"
    Reemer followed Wildstar and they began to free the mustached blue skinned Galman who was lying on the floor half buried by debris.
    "I am fine Wildstar." Talan replied. "Find Emperor Desslok!"
    "Reemer, look after General Talan while I search for Desslok."
    A violent shock shook the ship and Wildstar fell to the floor.
    "Move quickly Captain." Talan suggested. "I'm not sure this ship will hold together much longer."
    "Agreed." Wildstar said as he began to search for the Galman Emperor.
    Desslok and Wildstar had built quite a bond throughout the years. It wasn't a relationship built on friendship but of mutual respect and admiration. Derek could never forgive Desslok for ordering the death of billions of people. After all, Derek's parents were two of the people killed in the long war leaving him an orphan at a very young age. But Wildstar himself had also killed in an attempt to save his dying planet.
    Wildstar moved a beam out of his way and saw a blue hand.
    "Emperor Desslok?" Wildstar asked.
    "Down here." A very faint voice responded. "I'm pinned."
    Wildstar moved some debris and after a few moments was able to free Desslok. Upon quick inspection he saw that the Galman leader had been seriously injured.
    "We've got to get you out of here Desslok." Wildstar said. "Your ship is breaking up and it's not going to last much longer."
    "You must leave me here Wildstar!" Desslok pleaded. "They will stop at nothing to destroy me! You cannot be here when they come to finish me off! Leave now or you will be next!"
    "I'm sorry Desslok, but you're in no condition to argue with me. You may be bleeding internally and I need to get you to a doctor right away. You're coming with us!"
    Before he could continue to argue Desslok lost consciousness.