Here is a cool item. It is a Yamato Pachislo slot machine. These come from Japan and are quite different from American slot machines. First, they dispense tokens instead of real money and secondly they play much differently than their American counterparts. This game is really fun to play. It has Yamato's, Desslar's flagships, anchors, red sevens, blue Yamato sevens, Yuki Cherries and bar symbols on the wheels. When you enter the special bonus rounds, the machine plays either the main Yamato theme or the Scarlet Scarf theme. Occasionally the machine will go into either Yamato, Warp or Gamiras modes. I haven't quite figured out what these mean but each make their own special noises. When you're close to a bonus round where you could win as many as 400 or more tokens, the Yamato in the upper right corner will light up. The machine is nicely decorated with a picture of the Yamato, Desslar, Yuki and Kodai.