The Nightmare Series by Chris Morin

    Do you ever have nightmares? I do. All of the time. They are so bad that at times, I cannot get back to sleep for hours. I guess it is one of the reasons why I don't sleep all that well.
    I blame my sleeplessness on my mind. It is constantly working. Even when I am at rest, my mind moves at a million miles an hour. A busy mind can be very stressful and also very frightening especially during the night.
    Many people don't remember their dreams. Either they are too afraid to or their mind is very kind to them. I remember nearly all of my dreams some down to the last little detail. Some of my dreams simply repeat while others continue into the next night. Some make absolutely no sense at all and are quite funny while others are quite realistic and terrifying. Some go on and on for years oftentimes repeating the same themes over and over again.
    The Nightmare Series is a set of stories based on my dreams. Some are written exactly as they occurred and will be quite bizarre. Others such as The Blast are written based on frequent themes in my nightmares.

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