Surinam by Chris Morin

Day 2

2:32 pm

    My wife started to get sick, really sick. Her body began to swell and she was constantly dehydrated. I tried to call the doctor but the phone lines were still jammed. I thought about taking her to the hospital but from the looks of things on television they were full. I figured I would just keep feeding her liquids and try to keep her warm.
    FOX News had a report of an incurable disease spread by terrorists. The disease was designed to target females by attacking their reproductive systems. Those females who were sick were told to report to their local town hall. They had a cure but unless you didn't get the antidote within seven days the disease would be fatal.
    It just didn't make sense. Why had all of the cars hovered in mid air? And where had all of the drivers gone? It didn't sound like terrorism to me. I decided to wait and see how things played out.

5:52 pm

    My wife started to feel a little better and she began to walk around on her own. I asked her about the accident but all she could remember was seeing me on the side of the road. The previous day had been a total blur.

9:31 pm

    She lurched off of the couch and screamed as loud as she could, "Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" I tried to comfort her and after a few seconds she settled down and was able to fall back asleep. Every hour she would wake up screaming the same thing.

Day 3